The symposium focuses on recent researches, developments and policies related to power system transformation including active distribution.

The global trend of decarbonization drives renewables to be major power resources across the world including Japan, especially at distribution level. Various types of DERs such as battery energy storage and demand response also have been deployed, which have possibility to change the existing energy utilizations drastically.

These environmental changes bring potentials and challenges for system planning and operation on whole networks integrating the new resources. DERs have great potentials to supply ancillary services such as frequency control and voltage support and enhance the resiliency for power systems. Novel equipment and analytical methodologies for power system performance are expected to be developed and progressed.

This transformation advances the coordination among transmission, distribution and DERs with state-of-the-art ICT and digital technology and requires the policy changes and new market mechanisms. It also accelerates the integration with different types of sector such as heat and mobility industries.
The symposium provides an opportunity for experts, scholars and engineers to exchange knowledge about such technical and regulatory aspects during technical sessions.



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