Technical Tour

In Himeji city, the Himeji No. 2 power station (thermal) is located at the south of the city and close to the “Himeji Castle,” which is a World Cultural Heritage. Adopting a combined-cycle power generation system mainly used in Japan with state-of-the-art 1,600°C class gas turbines can increase the thermal efficiency of the power station to approximately 60%, the highest in the industry, which reduces CO2 emission by 50% compared with existing coal-fired thermal power stations. Moreover, this power station containing 6 generator units, a total of 2,919 MW, considers the global environment while playing a role in “supplying electricity” and “adjusting the balance of supply and demand.”
This tour will invite you to its central control room composed of the new equipment, a turbine building with the state-of-the-art turbines and heat recovery steam generator where you can see a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea. At that same time, you will be able to know the characteristics of each equipment and facility through the guidance of power station staff members and directly feel “generating sounds,” which occur when electricity is generated.
Moreover, because the Himeji No. 2 power station has the Himeji LNG*terminal, which has the comprehensive ability to receive LNG and use it for power generation, you will also be able to see LNG tanks, which can store LNG gas at −160°C (−256°F) and 300-m level LNG carriers if the timing is right.
*LNG : Liquefied Natural Gas

This tour will conclude with a visit to the Himeji Castle. This castle is also known as “Shirasagi/Hakuro (white egret) Castle” because it has an elegant appearance of a white egret with its wings spread out. In December 1993, being highly praised as the best perfect beauty among Japanese wooden buildings and a unique building in the world, it was the first Japanese cultural property to be registered in the World Cultural Heritage List. Moreover, it has been more bright and beautiful than before after a major renovation in 2015. Its main buildings, including the castle tower, have existed since 1617 when the entire building was completed, i.e., for approximately more than 400 years. You will be able to see a magnificent view from the castle tower and the combination of “white” of the castle with “pink” because of approximately a thousand cherry blossoms, which are well worth visiting once.



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